What is another word for worst?

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[ w_ˈɜː_s_t], [ wˈɜːst], [ wˈɜːst]

Synonyms for Worst:

worst (noun) deceive eastern poison oak Other synonyms: outwit

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Rhymes for Worst:

  1. nursed, immersed, burst, cursed, submersed, versed, rehearsed, headfirst, first, hearst, reversed, thirst;
  2. disbursed, accurst, conversed, coerced, accursed, dispersed;
  3. unrehearsed, reimbursed, interspersed;

Quotes for Worst:

  1. A lot of girls ask for advice on how to get into acting, and I'm kind of the worst person to ask, because it just kind of fell in my lap... I was just in the right place at the right time. Alexis Bledel.
  2. The worst thing I could be accused of is that I'm a one -way dude, only out for myself. But the worst thing a woman can do is not to say anything. Especially when you're starting a relationship. Matt Dillon.
  3. I wish thy lot, now bad, still worse, my friend, for when at worst they say, things always mend. John Owen.

Idioms of Worst:

  1. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst
  2. fear the worst
  3. be your own worst enemy;

Adjectives for Worst:

  • sorest, surest,
  • sorest,
  • central and northern,
  • central.