What is another word for exhibitionism?

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Exhibitionism is typically defined as a compulsive desire to expose oneself or act in an inappropriate manner in public. However, there are various synonyms that are commonly used to describe this behavior. Some of these include showmanship, flamboyance, ostentation, grandstanding, and showoff. These words all convey a sense of seeking attention or recognition, often in a very public or theatrical way. Other synonyms for exhibitionism might include self-promotion, attention-seeking, or even narcissism. Regardless of the term used, exhibitionism is generally considered inappropriate or disturbing behavior that should be avoided and/or treated by a mental health professional.

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    Exhibitionism is the practice of displaying one's body to strangers or others with the intention of sexual arousal or gratification. Exhibitionism can occur in a sexual or non-sexual context. It may be consideredFreud's original "Selbstdarstellungen" (self-presentations), defined as the instinctual displacement of attention from the object of worry or envy, the ego's idealized self, to the body and its manifestations.

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