What is another word for uncovering?

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Uncovering can be defined as the act of revealing something hidden or unknown. Synonyms for uncovering include discovery, revelation, exposure, disclosure, unveiling, unearthing, bringing to light, and dissemination. These words are often used interchangeably with uncovering in various contexts. For instance, the discovery of new evidence in a criminal case can be described as an uncovering of the truth. The revelation of a secret can be referred to as an exposure. The process of researching, investigating, and presenting information can also be described as an unearthing and dissemination of knowledge. All these words capture the essence of uncovering, which is to bring to light something previously unnoticed or unknown.

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Antonyms for the word "uncovering" include concealing, hiding, covering, and burying. These words all refer to actions or states that involve hiding or protecting something. Concealing suggests intentionally keeping something secret or hidden from view. Hiding implies placing something in a location where it cannot be seen or found easily. Covering suggests shielding something from view or the elements. Burying involves completely enclosing something underground or under a layer of material. These antonyms provide a range of contrasting ideas to the concept of uncovering, reminding us of the importance of discretion, privacy, and protection in certain situations.

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Usage examples for Uncovering

Having suffered in this way several times in following with admiration the pencil of du Maurier through the old volumes of Punch, we at last hit upon the plan of always covering the joke and enjoying first the picture for its own sake, only uncovering the legend when this has been thoroughly appreciated lest it should turn out to be merely a feeble joke instead of a happily-invented conversation.
"George Du Maurier, the Satirist of the Victorians"
T. Martin Wood
There he would take on a small crew of men and what tools and implements and powder would be needed for uncovering his ledge and there he would attend to the necessary papers, the proving up on his claim, matters upon which he was somewhat hazy.
"The Desert Valley"
Jackson Gregory
If it moved in declination, Mr. Stanton must have moved it in uncovering the object-glass; but in so doing, he must have given the telescope a pretty hard blow, of which he must have been aware.
"Canadian Eclipse Party 1869"
Commander E. D. Ashe

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