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Formality is a term that refers to procedures that are required in certain situations or events. It's a state of being in accordance with accepted or prescribed customs. Some synonyms for formality include precision, protocol, decorum, conformity, punctilio, and propriety. In the context of business, professionalism could also be a synonym for formality. In social contexts, convention or ceremony could be alternative terms for formality. Moreover, some people use stiffness or rigidity to describe formality, indicating that it can be perceived as a negative attribute. Despite this, formality is important in many aspects of life to ensure order and respect, making it a necessary component of many professional and social interactions.

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How to use "Formality" in context?

Formality is a social convention or custom that prescribes how people should behave in order to maintain a certain level of respect or authority. In some cultures, it may be regarded as a sign of respect or deference. Depending on the context, formal dress can be very different, ranging from conservative attire to extravagant formal gowns worn at weddings or other formal events.

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