What is another word for feeblemindedness?

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[ fˈiːbə͡lmˌa͡ɪndɪdnəs], [ fˈiːbə‍lmˌa‍ɪndɪdnəs], [ f_ˈiː_b_əl_m_ˌaɪ_n_d_ɪ_d_n_ə_s]

Feeblemindedness is a term used to describe a condition in which an individual has a limited intellectual capacity. However, it is important to note that the term has been regarded as offensive and outdated. With that said, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe this condition. Some common ones include cognitive impairment, mental retardation, learning disability, developmental disability, and intellectual disability among others. These terms are generally more acceptable and widely used in the medical and educational fields. It is crucial to use appropriate language that reflects respect, dignity, and inclusivity towards individuals living with disabilities.

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    How to use "Feeblemindedness" in context?

    If you have a cognitive disability, or if you just feel like you don't quite fit in with everyone else, you may be feeling like you have a feeblemindedness. When people say "feeblemindedness," they are usually talking about someone who has a cognitive disability, like an IQ of less than 70. It's an outdated term that's been replaced by more accurate terms, like mental disability or intellectual disability. But whatever you call it, it can be a difficult thing to deal with.

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