What is another word for fatuity?

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Fatuity refers to a state of being foolish or lacking intelligence, and can be replaced with more descriptive synonyms such as stupidity, silliness, idiocy, absurdity, irrationality and daftness. Other related synonyms for fatuity include nonsense, foolishness, imprudence, ludicrousness, and tomfoolery. These words all suggest a level of illogical or irrational behaviour or ideas that lack common sense or reason. It can be argued that synonyms for fatuity are important because they help to expand our vocabulary and improve our communication. As with any word, its appropriate use is important to convey the intended meaning accurately in any given context.

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    What are the opposite words for fatuity?

    Fatuity refers to the quality of being foolish, stupid or naive. However, there are several antonyms for this word that denote intelligence, wisdom, and astuteness. These antonyms include acumen, insight, perspicacity, sagacity, and shrewdness. Acumen refers to the ability to make clever and quick decisions. Insight denotes a deep understanding or perception of a situation. Perspicacity is the ability to notice and understand things that are not obvious. Sagacity implies sound judgement and wisdom. And, shrewdness refers to astuteness with a mix of practicality and cunning. These antonyms for fatuity describe the opposite of foolishness and stupidity, and suggest a much higher degree of intelligence and wise decision-making.

    Usage examples for Fatuity

    So Lucille sang from musical height to height and her husband sped from depth to depth in the seas of human fatuity.
    Charles Beadle
    Yet in that heat and hunger, waiting for his savage captor to wreak some new fancy upon him, so saturated with philosophic interest in life was Birnier, that he wandered off into a meditation upon the mechanical fatuity of human conduct; illustrating his reflections by his own actions when stirred by emotion.
    Charles Beadle
    A strong nature is able, at such times, to penetrate the future and select the wisest course, but it is far easier, and perhaps more natural, to drift aimlessly along, trusting to no other guide than fatuity.
    "With Edge Tools"
    Hobart Chatfield-Taylor

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