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Stupor refers to a state of deep mental or physical exhaustion where a person feels numb, disoriented, or confused. There are several synonyms for the word stupor that can be used to describe this state of being. These include: daze, trance, torpor, lethargy, coma, slumber, haze, and bewilderment. Each of these synonyms carries a slightly different meaning and can be used to convey various degrees of confusion or unconsciousness. Whether you are writing a piece of fiction, a scientific article, or a medical report, having a good grasp of these synonyms can help you to communicate your ideas with clarity and precision.

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    Stupor is a state of unconsciousness caused by an general lowering of the nervous system's activity. This can be brought about by intoxicating substances, a lack of oxygen, or a combination of both. It is a medical emergency and must be treated as such.

    When a person experiences complete stupor, they may not be able to protect themselves from bodily harm or from sexual assault. If a person is in a state of stupor due to intoxication, they may not be able to consent to sexual activity. Alcohol can make a person more susceptible to becoming unconscious due to its depressant effects on the central nervous system.

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    • stupar.

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