What is another word for Filleting?

Pronunciation: [fɪlˈiːtɪŋ] (IPA)

Filleting is the process of removing the bones of a fish or any meat. The act of filleting can be essential in cooking and food preparation, but sometimes we want to change it up and use different terminology. Some synonyms for filleting are boning, deboning, skinning, cleaning, and trimming. Boning refers to removing the bones from a meat cut, deboning takes out the bones from cooked meat or poultry, skinning is the process of removing the skin, cleaning can involve removing the scales and viscera, while trimming means taking off any unwanted parts like fat or connective tissue. Whatever term we use, filleting or any of its synonyms, the end goal is the same - to prepare the best possible meal.

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Usage examples for Filleting

The question was settled almost before it was asked, for a band of lamplight streamed suddenly from the door of the cottage, and in the centre of it appeared the figure of a girl in a white dress, with red stockings showing under her short skirts, and a red ribbon Filleting the thick brown curls on her forehead.
"The Miller Of Old Church"
Ellen Glasgow
Elton looked up from a sardine he was Filleting with great interest and care; concentration was the foundation of Godfrey Elton's character.
"Patricia Brent, Spinster"
Herbert Jenkins
Where blind Filleting is done it is usual to do die tooling at the same time.
"Practical Bookbinding"
Paul Adam

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