What is another word for fillets?

Pronunciation: [fˈɪlɪts] (IPA)

Fillets can refer to various things, including fish cuts, boneless meat slices, or even metal strips. Depending on the context, there are several synonyms that can be used in place of the word fillets. For example, when referring to fish cuts, the word "steak" or "portion" can be used instead of fillet. Similarly, in the context of boneless meat slices, words like "cutlet", "scallop", or "tenderloin" can be used instead. When referring to metal strips or thin pieces of material, terms like "strip", "bar", or "rod" can work as suitable synonyms. The appropriate synonym to use largely depends on the specific context of the sentence.

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Usage examples for Fillets

Four little girls, dressed in white with yellow sashes and hair fillets, carried a daisy chain to form an aisle for the bride and her attendants, and the ceremony took place under a big bell of field daisies.
"Entertaining Made Easy"
Emily Rose Burt
If there are bridesmaids, they should wear the simplest of pink dresses with pink fillets on their hair or else wide straw hats trimmed only with a tiny wreath of flowers.
"Entertaining Made Easy"
Emily Rose Burt
Put a layer of sliced onion into a saucepan, and arrange upon it the fillets of fish and a pint of oysters; sprinkle with salt and pepper, add the juice of a lemon, cover with sliced onion, strain the stock over, cover and simmer until the fillets are tender.
"The Myrtle Reed Cook Book"
Myrtle Reed

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