What is another word for flippantly?

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[ flˈɪpəntli], [ flˈɪpəntli], [ f_l_ˈɪ_p_ə_n_t_l_i]

Flippantly is a word used to describe someone who speaks or acts in a frivolous, disrespectful, or casual manner. Synonyms for the word flippantly are: recklessly, nonchalantly, carelessly, thoughtlessly, casually, unconcernedly, insolently, impertinently, audaciously, cheekily, saucily, and impudently. These words describe the attitude of someone who is not taking things seriously or showing any consideration for others. Using these synonyms can help add variety and nuance to one's writing or speech, and can also be useful to express disapproval or criticism of someone who is behaving inappropriately or disrespectfully.

How to use "Flippantly" in context?

When you're flipping through the channels, you may have come across some shows that are so unrealistic and ridiculous, you can't help but burst out into laughter. "flippantly" is a word that is often used when you're viewing something that is funny and not meant to be taken seriously. It is a way to dismiss something without really thinking about it. You could say it's a way of being light-hearted and enjoying life.

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