What is another word for moderately?

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[ mˈɒdəɹətli], [ mˈɒdəɹətli], [ m_ˈɒ_d_ə_ɹ_ə_t_l_i]

There are several different synonyms for the word "moderately" that can be used to describe something that is not extreme or excessive. These include words such as "reasonably," "somewhat," "fairly," "to some extent," "kind of," "in a way," "relatively," and "modestly." Each of these words can be used to convey a slightly different nuance or degree of moderation, depending on the context and the intention of the speaker. For example, "somewhat" might suggest a smaller degree of moderation than "reasonably," while "modestly" might imply a sense of humility or restraint in addition to moderation.

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    When rating the intensity of a workout, people generally group things into five levels: vigorous, moderate, easy, very easy, and no exercise. For some exercisers, the fifth level might just be slightly more challenging than the fourth. That's what's known as a moderately challenging workout. Moderate exercise has been shown to improve heart health and strengthen bones, but it's still not as intense as vigorous exercise. You'll feel the burn, but it's manageable. Here are five things to know about moderately challenging workouts:

    1. They're perfect for beginners.

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