What is another word for flippant?

Pronunciation: [flˈɪpənt] (IPA)

Flippant is a term used to describe behavior or attitude that is disrespectful, casual, or lacking seriousness. Synonyms for flippant include frivolous, cheeky, impertinent, impudent, insouciant, saucy, impish, sassy, playful, and capricious. These words are used to describe someone who shows disrespect towards serious matters or takes everything lightly. People who are flippant often display a cavalier attitude or lack the sense of responsibility and respect in their words and actions. In professional settings, being flippant can be perceived as unprofessional, rude, and uncooperative. It is important to be mindful of the tone and language we use to communicate, especially in situations that require a level of respect and seriousness.

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What are the opposite words for flippant?

Flippant is a word used to describe someone who lacks seriousness or shows disrespect towards an important topic. Therefore, antonyms for flippant include serious, respectful, thoughtful, and dignified. Serious refers to behavior that is sober, earnest, and solemn, while respectful suggests a courteous attitude towards others' feelings and opinions. Thoughtful implies careful consideration and mindfulness, and dignified connotes nobility and propriety. All of these antonyms are used to describe a demeanor that is the opposite of flippant and indicates a sense of responsibility and gravity towards important matters.

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Usage examples for Flippant

Their talk had been on flippant lines.
"Helena Brett's Career"
Desmond Coke
He had the fatal levity that led him to discuss the most sacred subjects in a flippant manner.
"Dickens As an Educator"
James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes
"Talk sensibly," said Hilton, in French; "why do you go on in that flippant way-why do you keep on arguing with her?"
"One Maid's Mischief"
George Manville Fenn

Famous quotes with Flippant

  • "It is surprising what improper and indecent contentions these popular elections occasioned. I have oftener than once known half-a-dozen candidates all trying for a vacant parish, and preaching alternately, to give their electors an opportunity of determining what they liked best. , as is remarked in a very humorous pamphlet respecting London lectureships, almost constantly carried it. … Preachers and ministers so elected, continuing still in some degree dependent on the people, continued also chiefly to cultivate those arts by which their favour had first been gained. Their sermons were light, flippant, and ordinary; but their manner of preaching was pleasing and popular."
    Jonathan Boucher
  • The other major impression to emerge from is that -- as odd as it sounds -- one of Crowley's chief drawbacks was his sense of humour. This is a disability he shares with Bernard Shaw: both were driven by a strange compulsion to be flippant. But when he becomes absorbed in an idea, Shaw can remain serious for a sufficiently long time to convince the reader of his intellectual stature. In Crowley, the flippancy has the tone of a schoolmaster trying to be funny for the benefit of the sixth form, or a muscular Christian trying to convince you that he isn't really religious. 'How can a yogi ever feel worried? . . . question I have been expecting for a very long time!' (Crowley has never learned that exclamation marks give the impression of a gushing schoolgirl.) 'And what expect is to see my middle stump break the wicket-keeper's nose, with the balls smartly fielded by Third Man and Short Leg!' It makes us aware that there was something wrong with Crowley's 'self-image.' He is one of those people who, no matter how hard they try, never feel quite grown up.
    Colin Wilson
  • Provided a woman is beautiful allowance will be made for all her shortcomings. She can be unchaste, vapid, untruthful, flippant, heartless, and even clever; so long as she is fair to see men will stand by her, and as men, in this world, are "the dog on top", they are the power to truckle to. A plain woman will have nothing forgiven her. Her fate is such that the parents of uncomely female infants should be compelled to put them to death at their birth.
    Miles Franklin
  • Voltaire and Shakespeare! He was all The other feigned to be. The flippant Frenchman speaks: I weep; And Shakespeare weeps with me.
    William Shakespeare

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