What is another word for leniently?

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[ lˈiːnɪəntli], [ lˈiːnɪəntli], [ l_ˈiː_n_ɪ__ə_n_t_l_i]

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    How to use "Leniently" in context?

    The definition of "leniently" may vary from person to person, but what it typically means is that a person is not strict or judgmental in their actions. This approach can be helpful when approaching a difficult situation, as it allows for more flexibility in terms of how to handle it.

    Some people may feel that being too hard or fast in resolving a problem can cause it to become much worse. By taking a lenient approach, it allows the problem to be resolved in a way that is more manageable for everyone involved. This can help avoid unnecessary conflict and Allosevere damage.

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