What is another word for formally?

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Formally is a word that most accurately denotes adherence to a set of predetermined conventions, rules or standards when communicating. Some synonyms for formally include formally stated, officially, ceremoniously, and precisely. When one speaks formally, they are usually being clear, direct and to the point. Other synonyms include specifically, rigidly, inflexibly, and unyieldingly. These words have distinct nuances and generally reflect a level of caution and decorum in speech or writing. When used appropriately, formally and its synonyms can convey a serious tone that is necessary in professional settings or situations where a matter must be addressed with some level of gravitas.

How to use "Formally" in context?

Formal can mean something is done in a certain way, typically with a prescribed sequence and set of protocols. It can also refer to the conventional or social etiquette surrounding certain activities or settings. For example, a formal dinner is a festive gathering that typically includes a variety of foods, wine, and beverages. It can also refer to the dress code that's typically worn at these events. Formal can also be used as a verb, meaning to conform to or execute a particular set of rules or procedures. For example, the speaker may say that they're formalizing the process of hiring new employees.

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