What is another word for pedantically?

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[ pɛdˈantɪkli], [ pɛdˈantɪkli], [ p_ɛ_d_ˈa_n_t_ɪ_k_l_i]

Pedantically refers to a person who is overly concerned with minute details or exactness. Some synonyms for this term include fussily, punctiliously, scrupulously, meticulously, and finickily. A person who is pedantic may also be described as rigidly adhering to rules or procedures, so other synonyms for this term include dogmatically, inflexibly, and strictly. Pedantically can also be synonymous with being overly precise or nitpicky, so other synonyms include fastidiously, compulsively, and exactingly. Ultimately, using these synonyms can help enrich one's vocabulary and create a deeper understanding of the nuances of language.

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    How to use "Pedantically" in context?

    PENSÉARILY Voicing an Observation: "It's interesting that you brought up the pedantic point."

    The speaker was uttering this to the other person as they were debating on a subject they both knew well. This observation could be seen as a confirmation of the other person's point. It was also a way to remind the other person that they had made a valid point, even if they may not have realized it at the time. This could also be seen as patronizing, as the speaker was reminding the other person of their place.

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