What is another word for fretfully?

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[ fɹˈɛtfəlɪ], [ fɹˈɛtfəlɪ], [ f_ɹ_ˈɛ_t_f_ə_l_ɪ]

Fretfully is an adjective that describes a state of agitation or uneasiness. Some synonyms for fretfully include anxiously, worriedly, nervously, agitatedly, restlessly, and jittery. These words convey a sense of apprehension or nervousness, and are often used to describe a person who is experiencing anxiety or concern. Fretfully can also be replaced with the word distressed, which implies a deeper level of discomfort or anguish. Other synonyms for fretfully include twitchily, nervily, and flustered, which also describe a sense of unease or restlessness. These words can be useful when writing about characters or situations that involve tension or anxiety.

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    How to use "Fretfully" in context?

    Whenever I fretfully think about something, my mind turns to a million possible negative consequences that could happen. For example, if I worry about potential work deadlines getting missed, I imagine all the potential negative consequences that could follow that - like getting demoted, or losing my job.

    Similarly, if I fret about something personal - like whether or not I'll be able to make a Relationship Agreement meeting tomorrow - my mind can wander to all the potential problems that could arise. Could I get in a lot of stress-related arguments with my partner? Will we break up?

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