What is another word for fearfully?

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[ fˈi͡əfəlɪ], [ fˈi‍əfəlɪ], [ f_ˈiə_f_ə_l_ɪ]

The word "fearfully" can have several synonyms, including "anxiously," "apprehensively," "nervously," "timidly," and "tensely." All these words are used to describe a feeling of fear or anxiety. People may use these words to convey their emotions when they are worried about something or when they sense that there is a potential threat that could harm them. These emotions can manifest in different ways, including shaking, sweating, or feeling uneasy. By using synonyms for "fearfully," people can express their emotions more accurately and adequately convey their feelings to others, as words have the power to evoke powerful emotions in others.

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    How to use "Fearfully" in context?

    Whenever I hear someone use the word "fearfully," I automatically think of a time when I was really scared. That time was when I was lying in bed, and I started to hear these weird noises outside my window. I was so scared that I started to shake uncontrollably, and I could hardly breathe. I was so scared that I was even afraid to close my eyes. Fortunately, those noises stopped after a while, but the experience left me with a very lasting fear of the dark.

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