What is another word for fretful?

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Fretful is an adjective that describes someone who is easily agitated, anxious or worried. There are several synonyms that can be used in place of fretful, including restless, uneasy, fidgety, nervous, jittery, edgy and anxious. Restless describes someone who is unable to relax or remain still, while uneasy refers to a feeling of discomfort or insecurity. Fidgety indicates someone who is restless and can't stay in one place for long, while jittery describes someone who is jumpy or easily startled. Edgy and anxious both describe someone who is nervous or apprehensive. These synonyms help to convey the same meaning as fretful and can be used in different contexts.

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    How to use "Fretful" in context?

    Fretful is a word that describes someone who is constantly worried or anxious. People who are fretful are constantly on the lookout for danger or problems. They may feel01 constantly on edge and may be unable to relax. This can make everyday activities very difficult.

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