What is another word for footman?

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Footman is a term used to describe a man who works as a servant, primarily as a valet or a personal attendant to a household. However, there are several synonyms for the word footman that can be used to describe this role, including butler, manservant, lackey, page, and servant. A butler is a head servant who supervises other household staff, while a manservant is a male domestic servant who attends to the needs of a household. A lackey is a derogatory term applied to a servant who performs menial tasks, while a page is a young servant or attendant. Hence, these synonyms provide various alternative ways to describe the position of a footman effectively.

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    The footman is the lowest ranking servant in the household, below the maid and butler. He or she is responsible for cleaning and preparing the master's chambers, fetching and carrying supplies, and generally performing menial tasks. In some households, the footman may act as the personal secretary to the master or as a go-between between the master and other members of the household.

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