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A waitress is a female employee who serves food and drinks in a restaurant, cafe, or bar. There are several synonyms for the word "waitress" including server, dining room attendant, food service worker, hostess, and floor staff. Other terms that can be used instead of waitress include food and beverage attendant, restaurant staffer, culinary staff, and dining room staff member. Some establishments may also use terms such as waiter or waitress interchangeably, or choose to use gender-neutral terms such as server or food attendant. Regardless of which term is used, the role of this important service position is to provide excellent customer service and ensure guests have an enjoyable dining experience.

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A waitress is the person who serves food and drink to customers in a restaurant or other business. Waitresses typically receive minimum wage and may receive tips, which can add up to an income beyond minimum wage. Some waitressing jobs may not require a high school diploma or even an education beyond high school, but most waitressing jobs do require at least some waitressing skills, such as customer service.

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