What is another word for hand is dealt?

Pronunciation: [hˈand ɪz dˈɛlt] (IPA)

The phrase "hand is dealt" often refers to a situation that has been presented and must be accepted. However, there are several other ways to express this concept. One might say "the die is cast" or "fate has decreed." Another option could be "the cards are on the table" or "the die is rolled." "Deal with the hand you're given" also implies the same meaning. Essentially, these synonyms all convey the idea that a situation has arisen and one must learn to adapt and work with the circumstances presented. Whether in poker or in life, it's important to remain calm and strategize accordingly.

What are the opposite words for hand is dealt?

"Hand is dealt" refers to the cards that a player receives in a card game. The antonym for "hand is dealt" could be "hand is chosen." That means the player has the opportunity to select which cards he or she wants to play with, rather than being given a set of cards to work with. Another antonym for "hand is dealt" could be "unrestricted choices." This means that the player has unlimited or no limits on how many cards he or she can choose from, giving the player more control over their game. Overall, while "hand is dealt" implies that one has no control over their situation, its antonyms suggest that taking action can be beneficial.

What are the antonyms for Hand is dealt?

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