What is another word for totality?

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Totality is a powerful word that refers to the complete or full amount or extent of something. When we want to express the same idea using different words, we have several synonyms at our disposal. For example, we could use "completeness" to refer to the state of being entirely whole or perfect in every respect. "Entirety" also has a similar meaning, and it refers to the whole or total amount of something. Alternatively, we could use "wholeness," which emphasizes the unity and integrity of something that is complete. Finally, "fullness" is another synonym for totality that refers to the state of being complete or having reached its maximum capacity.

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The concept of totality has been around for a long time. The philosopher and theologian, Thomas Aquinas, in his work, "On Totality and Infinity," defines totality as "the complete and perfect possessed by a thing." He goes on to say that totality is something that a thing has that is not shared by any other things. This idea of totality has been used to define many things in life. One example is the definition of happiness. According to the Happiness Research Institute, total happiness is the state of being free from negative emotions, free from worrying, free from pain and free fromstress.

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