What is another word for endurance?

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Endurance is defined as the ability to withstand stress, pain, or hardship. Equally used synonyms for this word include resilience, stamina, tolerance, fortitude, perseverance, and patience. Resilience suggests an individual's ability to bounce back from adversity, whereas stamina and tolerance connote physical strength and ability to endure. Fortitude implies the mental and emotional strength to withstand hardship, perseverance relates to one's ability to persist and stay the course despite obstacles, whilst patience suggests one's ability to remain calm in the face of difficulties. The importance of endurance in life cannot be overstated, as it is an essential trait for success in various endeavors, both personal and professional.

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    Endurance is the ability to continue performing a task or activity under adverse conditions. Endurance can be physical, such as pushing oneself beyond one's physical abilities, or mental, such as enduring difficult Situations. Endurance can also be exhibited in genetics, as some people are naturally more resilient than others. In any case, endurance is a valuable attribute, both in particular contexts and in general.

    When it comes to endurance in physical contexts, one of the most important aspects is stamina. Stamina is the ability to continue performing a task or activity for an extended period of time, often under challenging conditions.

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