What is another word for iamb?

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Iamb is a poetic foot consisting of two syllables where the first one is unstressed, and the second one is stressed. This poetic form is commonly used in traditional English poetry and is often paired with other poetic feet to create rhythm and meter. Synonyms for iamb include the term 'iambus', which refers to the two-syllable poetic foot, and the term 'iambic', which describes the overall rhythm and meter of poetry that uses iambic feet. Related terms include trochee, anapest, dactyl, and spondee, which are all other types of poetic feet used to create rhythm and meter in poetry.

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    Usage examples for Iamb

    Everybody had something to say and got to his feet to say it well, even if some of them did brandish a turkey wing or a iamb rib to emphasize their points.
    "The Tinder-Box"
    Maria Thompson Daviess
    157. Here are fourteen stanzas of composite dimeter, each having two sorts of lines; the first sort consisting, with a few exceptions, of a dactyl and an amphimac; the second, mostly, of two iambs; but, in some instances, of a trochee and an iamb;-the latter being, in such a connexion, much the more harmonious and agreeable combination of quantities.
    "The Grammar of English Grammars"
    Goold Brown
    By the present scansion, the first foot is an iamb in all of them but the two anapestics.
    "The Grammar of English Grammars"
    Goold Brown

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