What is another word for foot?

Pronunciation: [fˈʊt] (IPA)

Foot is a common term used to describe the lower part of the leg including toes, heel, and ankle. However, there are plenty of synonyms to describe this frequently overlooked but essential part of our body. The foot can be described as a hoof, paw, appendage, limb, extremity, or member. Feet can be described in different ways depending on their shape or condition, such as blistered, calloused, or deformed. Feet can also relate to a particular type of footwear, such as flippers or shoes. Regardless of how you choose to describe them, our feet are a vital component in maintaining our balance, mobility, and overall health.

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What are the opposite words for foot?

Foot is a noun that refers to the lowermost part of the leg that is used for standing, walking, and running. The antonyms of foot are words that denote the opposite of foot or something that is not related to it. The main antonyms of foot are hand, head, and arm. These words refer to the upper parts of the body that perform different functions than the foot. Other antonyms for foot could be wheel, wings or fins. These words refer to the mode of transportation or locomotion for different animals and vehicles. It is essential to understand the antonyms of words to improve one's vocabulary and communication skills.

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Usage examples for Foot

He went on staring down at Athena's little foot.
"Jane Oglander"
Marie Belloc Lowndes
There-no, don't put your foot to the ground.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
Amalia has hurt her foot.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine

Famous quotes with Foot

  • I realized there was very little in Hollywood I would ever feel comfortable doing. If I kept one foot there and one foot in my Christianity, I would never grow.
    Willie Aames
  • It is a light thing for whoever keeps his foot outside trouble to advise and counsel him that suffers.
  • It is an easy thing for one whose foot is on the outside of calamity to give advice and to rebuke the sufferer.
  • None can less afford to delay than the aged sinner. Now is the time. Now or never. You have, as it were, one foot already in the grave. Your opportunities will soon be over. Strive, then, I entreat you, to enter in at the strait gate.
    Archibald Alexander
  • If you don't have a leg to stand on, you can't put your foot down.
    Robert Altman

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