What is another word for ill-founded?

Pronunciation: [ˈɪlfˈa͡ʊndɪd] (IPA)

Ill-founded is a word that describes something that is not based on sound evidence or reasoning. There are many synonyms for this word that individuals can use in their writing, such as unfounded, baseless, groundless, unsupported, and unsubstantiated. These words describe the same concept as the word 'ill-founded' and can be used to avoid repetition in writing. Each synonym carries a slightly different connotation, and individuals should choose the one that best fits the context of their sentence. For example, 'unsubstantiated' suggests that there is a lack of evidence, while 'unsupported' may suggest an absence of logical support. Choosing the appropriate synonym can help individuals enhance their writing and make it more precise.

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What are the hypernyms for Ill-founded?

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What are the opposite words for ill-founded?

The term "ill-founded" refers to something that is not based on solid evidence or is untrue. Antonyms for "ill-founded" include "well-founded," which means something that is based on valid facts, and "credible," which means something that is believable and trustworthy. Other antonyms include "valid," which means something that is legally or logically acceptable, and "solid," which means something that is strong and reliable. Additionally, "justified" means something that is reasonable and well-supported, while "legitimate" means something that is lawful and authorized. All of these antonyms for "ill-founded" suggest that something is founded on sound evidence and is therefore trustworthy and credible.

What are the antonyms for Ill-founded?

Famous quotes with Ill-founded

  • The vulgar opinion, then, which, on health reasons, condemns vegetable food and so much praises animal food, being so ill-founded, I have always thought it well to oppose myself to it, moved both by experience and by that refined knowledge of natural things which some study and conversation with great men have given me. And perceiving now that such my constancy has been honoured by some learned and wise physicians with their authoritative adhesion, I have thought it my duty publicly to diffuse the reasons of the Pythagorean diet, regarded as useful in medicine, and, at the same time, as full of innocence, of temperance, and of health. And it is none the less accompanied with a certain delicate pleasure, and also with a refined and splendid luxury, if care and skill be applied in selection and proper supply of the best vegetable food, to which the fertility and the natural character of our beautiful country seem to invite us.
    Antonio Cocchi

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