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Basis is a word used to signify the foundation or a starting point for a particular process or reasoning. There are many synonyms for the word basis such as the ground, the bedrock, the foundation, the core, the root, and the underpinning. These words can be used interchangeably to express the idea of something being the foundation of a particular phenomenon. Sometimes, basis is used to mean a minimum standard or the underlying principle of something. In this context, synonyms for basis include a fundamental principle, a guiding principle, the cornerstone and the nucleus. It is essential to understand these synonyms as they increase your vocabulary and help you to convey your ideas more precisely.

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How to use "Basis" in context?

Basis is a word meaning "the foundation of a system or establishment." In legal contexts, the term is often used to describe the legal grounds for a decision or action. For example, a court may find that the basis for its decision is the law, the facts, or the constitution.

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