What is another word for justified?

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When writing or speaking, it's essential to avoid repetition and to use a variety of vocabulary. If you find yourself repeatedly using the word "justified," consider incorporating synonyms into your writing or conversation. Some options include "valid," "reasonable," "legitimate," "warranted," "defensible," "acceptable," "forgivable," "righteous," "exculpatory," and "vindicated." By using different words that have similar meanings, you can add depth and interest to your language and better express your ideas. It's important to choose synonyms that accurately convey your intended meaning, and to use these words appropriately so that your message is clear and understandable.

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    When we say someone is "justified" in doing something, we are endorsing their actions as morally acceptable. There are a number of different ways in which we can justify conduct: through asserting that the actor has a right to do what they are doing, that the action is necessary for the protection of others, that the actor is fulfilling a duty, etc. In any event, justification is something that helps us to understand and accept the actions of others.

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