What is another word for empty?

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[ ˈɛmptɪ], [ ˈɛmptɪ], [ ˈɛ_m_p_t_ɪ]

Synonyms for Empty:

absent (adjective) desolate (adjective) eastern poison oak (adjective) expressionless (adjective) free (adjective) hungry (adjective) insensitive (adjective) meaningless (adjective) nondescript (adjective) nonexistent (adjective) reduced (adjective) unsubstantial (adjective) useless (adjective) dry (verb) enervate (verb) leave (verb) unsubstantiate (verb) abandoned decant discharge dry dump eastern poison oak groundless lighten meaningless nonexistent Other synonyms: pour forth pump rid scoop shallow stuporous unburden unfilled waste

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Quotes for Empty:

  1. Prayer opens the heart to God, and it is the means by which the soul, though empty is filled by God. John Buchan.
  2. California is a queer place in a way, it has turned its back on the world, and looks into the void Pacific. It is absolutely selfish, very empty but not false, and at least, not full of false effort. David Herbert Lawrence.
  3. Faith is an excitement and an enthusiasm: it is a condition of intellectual magnificence to which we must cling as to a treasure, and not squander on our way through life in the small coin of empty words, or in exact and priggish argument. George Sand.

Idioms of Empty:

  1. empty sth out;
  2. see the glass half empty
  3. be running on empty