What is another word for illogical?

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Illogical is an adjective used to describe ideas, arguments, or actions that lack reason or understanding. There are several other synonyms for illogical, such as irrational, nonsensical, senseless, absurd, and unreasonable. Each word emphasizes different aspects of illogicality, but they all convey a sense of incoherence or irrationality. For example, irrational refers to ideas that defy logical reasoning, while absurd refers to those that are so ridiculous as to be laughable. Nonsensical often implies a lack of clarity or coherence, while unreasonable suggests ideas or actions that violate common sense or logic. Nonetheless, all these synonyms capture some aspect of what it means for an idea or argument to be illogical.

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How to use "Illogical" in context?

An illogical thought is a thought that does not make sense. Illogical thoughts can be a result of confusion or a lack of understanding. Illogical thoughts can often be a sign that you're thinking in circles or that you're not taking things seriously.

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