What is another word for in love?

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[ ɪn lˈʌv], [ ɪn lˈʌv], [ ɪ_n l_ˈʌ_v]

The English language is a diverse and complex one, and there are numerous synonyms for the phrase "in love". Some of the most commonly used ones include "smitten", "enchanted", "infatuated", "besotted", "captivated", "in awe of", "charmed", "head over heels", "lovestruck", and "obsessed". Each of these words has slightly different connotations, but all describe the intense feeling of attraction and affection that comes with being "in love". Whether you're experiencing a new crush or a long-term relationship, there's a word to express the depth of your feelings.

Synonyms for In love:

What are the hypernyms for In love?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for in love?

Antonyms for the term "in love" include "hate," "dislike," "detest," "abhor," "loathe," "despise," "uninterested," "unconcerned," "apathetic," and "indifferent." These words represent the opposite of being infatuated, smitten, or enamored with someone or something. They are often used to describe negative feelings towards a person, situation, or object. When we are "in love," we feel an intense connection and affection towards someone or something, but when we experience these antonyms, we feel a sense of discomfort, dislike or indifference. These antonyms serve to highlight the variety of emotions and feelings that we experience in life.

What are the antonyms for In love?

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