What is another word for enamored?

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[ ɪnˈaməd], [ ɪnˈaməd], [ ɪ_n_ˈa_m_ə_d]

Related words: enamored with, enamored of, enamored

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    Synonyms for Enamored:

    How to use "Enamored" in context?

    The word "enamored" is defined as "filled with or influenced by strong love or admiration" and "dominated by or possessed by strong love or admiration or passion." For many people, this word defines someone they are deeply in love with. When feeling this way, someone can be filled with a strong sense of passion or emotion that can be hard to control. The depth of this feeling can be what draws someone to the person they are enamored with. It can be hard to explain, but when someone is deeply in love with someone, they tend to overlook any faults that that person may have.

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