What is another word for cool?

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[ k_ˈuː_l], [ kˈuːl], [ kˈuːl]

Synonyms for Cool:

calm (adjective) indifferent (adjective) insensitive (adjective) moderate (adjective) severe (adjective) unexcitable (adjective) calm (verb) moderate (verb) pacify (verb) refrigerate (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Cool:

  1. tool, school, yule, spool, rule, mule, thule, fool, stool, boule, buhl, drool, pool, joule, boole;
  2. fuel, misrule, preschool, cruel, dual, uncool, retool;
  3. supercool, istanbul;

Quotes for Cool:

  1. I just want to do cool stuff. Rob Corddry.
  2. I went to Catholic high school for half a year and religion wasn't the cool thing to talk about even at a catholic high school. It never came up. Mandy Moore.
  3. It's the same with visual arts, you have some really cool wonderful striking images that make you think and then again you have wonderful striking images that just take you away from the existing world for a second. And I like the latter a bit more. Ville Valo.

Idioms of Cool:

  1. ( Have you) been keeping cool?
  2. ( I've) been keeping cool.
  3. ( as) cool as a cucumber;