What is another word for fondness?

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Fondness is a feeling of affection or liking towards someone or something. Other synonyms to describe a fondness could include love, adoration, endearment, tenderness, warmth or liking. The word fondness suggests a strong feeling of positive emotions towards someone or something, whether it be a person, a pet or a pastime. Alternative words that could be used to convey a similar emotion include fond, affectionate, devoted or attached. Synonyms can provide a varied and descriptive vocabulary that can enhance understanding and help to convey complex emotions. By exploring the synonyms for the word fondness, you can discover many ways to express your feelings towards people, pets or the things you love.

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    Prefacing an essay about "fondness" with a few observations about diction and syntax might not seem to add much to the essay, but it feels important to me in order to frame the topic of fondness-an emotion often underrated and obscured by more tangible, visible sensations like happiness or hunger.

    The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines fondness as "a strong affection, goodwill, or regard." The word carries a lot of weight, indicating something deeper and more valuable than simple liking.

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