What is another word for in theory?

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In theory is a set phrase that is used to describe something that is based on a concept or principle, which may or may not be proven true in practice. There are several synonyms for the term "in theory," including theoretically, hypothetically, abstractly, ideologically, and conceptually. These words indicate that something is based on an idea, a belief, or a hypothesis rather than on tangible evidence or actual experience. They suggest that there is some degree of uncertainty or speculation involved in the statement, and that it may not necessarily reflect reality. These synonyms can be useful in academic writing, where the distinction between theory and practice is often a central concern.

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    In theory, every student in a classroom should be able to engage in a dialog about the readings they are studying, no matter their level of understanding. "In theory," this ideally happens in informal settings before class, during class, and after class. However, at times, dialogues about texts can become stifled or nonexistent when students do not feel comfortable sharing their thoughts or when they do not feel supported by the teacher or classmates.

    In order to create an environment in which all students feel comfortable discussing texts, it is important for educators to work to create an environment in which students feel connected to each other.

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