What is another word for Inanimated?

Pronunciation: [ɪnˈanɪmətɪd] (IPA)

Inanimated, a word typically used to describe things that lack animation or life, has several synonyms. One synonym is lifeless, which represents an absence of life, vitality, or animation. Another synonym is inert, which means lacking the ability or capacity to move. Objects that are motionless or unresponsive can also be described as inanimate. Other synonyms include still, immobile, and motionless, all of which represent an absence of movement or animation. Unanimated, stagnant, and unresponsive are also synonyms for inanimate. Overall, these words are useful for describing objects, places, or situations that lack life, movement, or vitality.

Usage examples for Inanimated

He loved everything there, animated or Inanimated; the very mud of the riverside; the very alligators, enormous and stolid, basking on it with impertinent unconcern.
"An Outcast of the Islands"
Joseph Conrad
Yet he could not command his memories that came crowding round him in that evil-smelling hut, while Babalatchi talked on in a flowing monotone, nothing of him moving but the lips, in the artificially Inanimated face.
"An Outcast of the Islands"
Joseph Conrad
The quick eyed Trout, is completely deceived by a cunning fabrication, the Inanimated thing of feathers, silk and fur, so closely resembles the natural fly, that he rises and seizes upon it for a real living fly-But ah!
"The Teesdale Angler"
R Lakeland

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