What is another word for inhuman?

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There are several synonyms for the word "inhuman." Some of the most common synonyms include "cruel," "barbaric," "heartless," "ruthless," and "brutal." These words all describe behavior or actions that lack empathy or compassion for others. Other synonyms for "inhuman" include "callous," "cold-blooded," "ferocious," "vicious," and "pitiless." These words suggest a lack of humanity or moral conscience. Using synonyms for "inhuman" can help to add variety and nuance to your writing, and can help you to more accurately describe the behavior or actions of someone who is acting in an inhumane way.

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What are the opposite words for inhuman?

The word "inhuman" can be defined as lacking compassion, empathy or kindness. The opposite of inhuman is "humane" which means having or showing compassion, kindness, and mercy towards others. The word "sociable" could also be an antonym of inhuman as it means being friendly and outgoing to others. Other antonyms of inhuman include "compassionate," "loving," "kind-hearted," "sympathetic," and "humorous." These words describe qualities that show a person's caring nature towards others, which makes them different from someone who is inhuman. Using these antonyms in place of "inhuman" can convey a positive message about someone's nature towards others.

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Usage examples for Inhuman

I felt their unfailing determination revive me when I was tempted to turn back in the days of inhuman suffering that were to come.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook
Oh, how sharp, unamiable, cold, and even inhuman our faces become, when we are determined to show our dislike to some one of our fellow creatures!
"The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
Paul Heyse
Through the illuminated streets, the slowly surging crowds-inhuman in their abandon to the monotonous ebb and flow as of a sweeping river-the cries and laughter and shouting of songs, that note was above all.
Hugh Walpole

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