What is another word for superfluous?

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When trying to find synonyms for the word "superfluous," one might consider using words such as surplus, unnecessary, excessive, redundant, extraneous, or unneeded. Each of these words describes something that is not required in a situation or object. For example, a surplus of food would indicate that there is more food than necessary, while something that is extraneous is something that is not needed or excessive. Similarly, redundant or excessive words might be used in a sentence that is too lengthy or unnecessary. By swapping out the word "superfluous" with one of these synonyms, one can create clearer, more concise writing or speech.

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How to use "Superfluous" in context?

Superfluous words are words that are not necessary to communicate the meaning of a sentence. Some examples of superfluous words are "a", "an", and "the". These words can cause confusion in sentence structure and can be removed without changing the meaning of the sentence.

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