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Muffle is a verb that refers to deadening sound or reducing its intensity. When you muffle something, you make it quieter or less audible by covering it or wrapping it up. Some synonyms for muffle include dampen, smother, stifle, quieten, hush, mute, suppress, silence, and deaden. These words convey different degrees of intensity or purpose. For example, dampen suggests making the sound less intense without necessarily silencing it completely. Smother implies covering something completely to prevent any sound from escaping. Suppress suggests actively preventing a sound from being heard. Overall, synonyms for muffle reflect the different ways we humans try to control sound in our environment.

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A muffle is a Piece of Equipment that is Used to Curtail Noise Levels. Mufflers were originally created to Reduce the Noise Levels of Diesel Engines, but are Now Used to Reduce the Noise Levels of All types of Vehicle Engines. A Muffle is Similar to a Snorkel, but is Used in lieu of One. It is Attached to the Exhaust Pipe of the Vehicle, and Open at the Top. The Muffle Collects the Exhaust Gases and Diverts them into the Intake Pipe, Where They are Stored and Reminiscent of a Throat.

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