What is another word for indigene?

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[ ɪndˈɪd͡ʒiːn], [ ɪndˈɪd‍ʒiːn], [ ɪ_n_d_ˈɪ_dʒ_iː_n]

Synonyms for Indigene:

How to use "Indigene" in context?

An "indigenous person" or "indigenous culture" is a person or culture that has been living in a certain place for a certain amount of time and has a unique relationship with that place. There are many different indigenous cultures throughout the world, and each has its own unique history and customs. Some indigenous cultures are located in traditionally ethnically diverse areas, such as North America and Oceania. Others are located in areas that are becoming increasingly diverse, such as Europe and Asia. Indigenous cultures can vary a great deal in terms of their religious beliefs and practices, as well as their socioeconomic systems.

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