What is another word for instructors?

Pronunciation: [ɪnstɹˈʌktəz] (IPA)

There are a plethora of synonyms for the word "instructors." Some commonly used alternatives include teachers, educators, mentors, leaders, coaches, trainers, tutors, guides, and facilitators. Each of these terms brings a slightly different connotation, but all ultimately refer to individuals who impart knowledge or skills to others. Teachers may work in schools or universities, while coaches and trainers may focus more on athletic or physical pursuits. Mentors and guides may provide personalized support and advice, and facilitators may help groups to collaborate and learn together. It's important to consider the nuances of each synonym when selecting the most appropriate word to describe a particular individual or group.

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Usage examples for Instructors

Instead of devoting himself conscientiously to university interests, he was, like Peary, engaged in private enterprises-such as the Parker-Clark light, and other ventures-and employed substitute instructors to do the work for which he drew a salary, and for which he claimed the honor and the prestige.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook
Besides the boys there were Dr. Theophilus Wise, the principal, and a number of his instructors, the negro coachman at the Academy, who was now serving in the capacity of cook and general handy man to the doctor and the boys, and the captain and crew, a considerable party all told.
"The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island"
Cyril Burleigh
To begin with, she reviewed in mind her old acquaintances: there were a half-dozen professors, instructors, assistants who called infrequently on her father and whom she had come to know with a degree of familiarity.
"The Desert Valley"
Jackson Gregory

Famous quotes with Instructors

  • Books are standing counselors and preachers, always at hand, and always disinterested; having this advantage over oral instructors that they are ready to repeat their lessons as often as we please.
    Robert Chambers
  • Drill instructors worked seven days a week, fifteen to seventeen hours a day in many cases, with no time off in between platoons.
    R. Lee Ermey
  • The bad news motivated the drill instructors that much more.
    R. Lee Ermey
  • Books are standing counselors and preachers, always at hand, and always disinterested; having this advantage over oral instructors, that they are ready to repeat their lesson as often as we please.
    Louis Nizer
  • The word 'aerobics' came about when the gym instructors got together and said: If we're going to charge $10 an hour, we can't call it Jumping up and down.
    Rita Rudner

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