What is another word for panels?

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Panels are defined as a collection of individual sections or units arranged in a particular order. They are commonly used for designing walls, roofs, and ceilings. There are a variety of synonyms for the word "panels," including boards, tiles, slats, planks, sheets, blocks, modules, sections, and slices. These terms can be used interchangeably with the word "panels" depending on the material and context in which they are used. For instance, a wooden panel may be referred to as a plank, while a metal panel may be referred to as a sheet or a tile. In summary, the synonyms for panels offer a diverse range of options for designers, builders, and architects to choose from.

How to use "Panels" in context?

A panel is a type of sheet metal that is used to form roofs and other parts of buildings. It is made of two or more pieces of metal that are shaped to fit together to create a specific shape.

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