What is another word for servants?

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[ sˈɜːvənts], [ sˈɜːvənts], [ s_ˈɜː_v_ə_n_t_s]

Related words: servants and masters, masters and servants, lord and servant

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    How to use "Servants" in context?

    In general, a servant is an individual who is employed to do general labor or manual tasks for someone else. There are many different types of servants, each with different responsibilities. Among the most common varieties of servants are maids and butlers. Maids are usually employed to clean and keep the house while butlers are responsible for run of the house duties, such as preparing and serving food and beverages.

    Servants have been a part of human societies for centuries. Originally, servants were usually obtained as war bonuses or hired out as a form of labor. Today, most servants are employed by a family member or friend.

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