What is another word for activists?

Pronunciation: [ˈaktɪvˌɪsts] (IPA)

Activists refer to individuals who are actively involved in striving against social injustice, political oppression, or any cause that they believe in. Synonyms for activists include advocates, crusaders, champions, campaigners, supporters, proponents, and fighters. Activists are commonly associated with bringing about social and political change through peaceful means like petitions, protests, or boycotts. They are often passionate and dedicated to their cause and can usually be seen working hard to influence policies, behaviors, and attitudes towards their cause. Regardless of the synonym used, activists are individuals who make a difference in the world by standing up for what they believe in and fighting for justice.

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What are the opposite words for activists?

Antonyms for the word "activists" include "passive," "inactive," and "apathetic." These words indicate a lack of engagement or involvement in social or political causes. Some may choose to be passive in their approach to activism, believing that change happens slowly over time. Others may simply not have the desire to engage in activism or may be indifferent to social and political causes. Whatever the reason, the opposite of an activist is someone who does not actively pursue or support causes that address social and political issues. While these individuals may not be actively involved in creating change, they still have the power to make a difference through their attitudes and actions.

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Usage examples for Activists

The senator never forgot such hard working activists and always remembered her birthday with a gift.
"Corpus of a Siam Mosquito"
Steven Sills
Hershie made a beeline for Thomas's table, not making eye-contact with the others - old-guard activists who still saw him as a tool of the war-machine.
"Super Man and the Bug Out"
Cory Doctorow
We say we are activists, but often lack the spiritual force to act effectively.
"An Interpretation of Friends Worship"
N. Jean Toomer

Famous quotes with Activists

  • I oppose the attempts of homosexual activists to treat homosexual activity as a civil right to be protected and promoted by the government.
    Todd Akin
  • I call it small government, grass-roots activism: The Tea Party activists are a part of it, FreedomWorks is part of it. FreedomWorks is the longest-standing, most active organization within this movement.
    Dick Armey
  • We've got activists all across the country like the members of the Million Mom March organization, some of their leaders are here tonight. We're phone banking congressional offices and pursuing editorial boards.
    Michael D. Barnes
  • It's funny how most activists are pacifists.
    Craig Bruce
  • It's funny how social activists usually protest against the only things that have a credible chance of achieving the activists' goals.
    Craig Bruce

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