What is another word for impartiality?

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Impartiality is the quality of being fair, just, and unbiased towards all parties involved. There are several synonyms for impartiality, including objectivity, neutrality, fairness, even-handedness, and disinterestedness. Objectivity refers to the impartiality of judgement or assessment without being influenced by personal feelings or opinions. Neutrality is the absence of any favoritism or bias towards one side or the other. Fairness is the equitable treatment of all parties involved, regardless of personal bias. Even-handedness involves treating all parties equally, without favoring one over the other. Disinterestedness refers to the lack of any personal interest or stake in the matter being considered. All of these synonyms for impartiality emphasize the importance of fairness, neutrality, and objectivity in decision-making.

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    Antonyms for the word "impartiality" include bias, prejudice, favoritism, discrimination, and partiality. When someone is not impartial, they may have a preference or opinion that clouds their judgment. Bias refers to an inclination towards or against something, while prejudice refers to preconceived opinions that are not based on reason. Favoritism is showing preferential treatment to one person or group over others, while discrimination is treating someone unfairly based on their characteristics such as race or gender. Partiality indicates a bias towards a particular person or group, and implies an unfairness in decision-making. Opposite of impartiality, these antonyms suggest an unfair and unbalanced approach to situations.

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    The Queen spoke with much good sense and good feeling, if not with perfect impartiality.
    MacCarthy, Desmond
    The conclusion was drawn that the Government, while anxious to make a display to the world of impartiality and good will by a spectacular act of clemency, was in reality determined to regard the active support of Sinn Fein as a serious offence in the case of men too little before the eyes of the world for their arrest to lead to widespread comment or indignation.
    "The Evolution of Sinn Fein"
    Robert Mitchell Henry
    Considering that his duties consist in presiding, like the Speaker, with strict impartiality, and in a purely non-partisan supervision of private bill legislation, it is somewhat strange that he should go in and out of office with the cabinet, but in fact one hears no criticism of his conduct on that score, largely, no doubt, because he always takes the Speaker as his model.
    "The Government of England (Vol. I)"
    A. Lawrence Lowell

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