What is another word for barn owl?

Pronunciation: [bˈɑːn ˈa͡ʊl] (IPA)

The Barn Owl, scientifically known as Tyto Alba, is a fascinating bird species found in various parts of the world. Several words can be used to describe this nocturnal bird of prey. Some synonyms for the Barn Owl are screech owl, ghost owl, monkey-faced owl, and golden owl. The name Screech Owl comes from the bird's piercing call, while Ghost Owl and Monkey-faced Owl image refer to its uniquely heart-shaped face. The name Golden Owl is because of the bird's golden-brown plumage. The Barn Owl represents a significant part of nature's intricate cycle as it controls rodent population, making it an essential species.

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Famous quotes with Barn owl

  • Dorothea blew out her candle and settled down in the middle of the big spare room bed. An owl called in the woods. 'Not a barn owl, but a tawny,' thought Dick, listening to the sharp 'Gewick! Gewick!' as he fell asleep. A smell of new-mown hay drifted from the meadows on the further side of the river. 'There isn't a lovelier place in all the world,' thought Dorothea. London last night, and now Beckfoot. The summer holidays had begun.
    Arthur Ransome

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