What is another word for latches?

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Latches, also known as catches, are mechanical devices used to secure doors, windows, gates, and containers. Some common synonyms for latches include catches, clasps, fasteners, locks, and bolts. Catches are often made of metal and come in various shapes and sizes depending on their intended use. Clasps are similar to catches but are often used for jewelry and clothing. Fasteners refer to any device that is used to fasten two pieces of material together. Locks are usually more complex mechanisms that require a key or combination to be opened. Bolts are heavy-duty locking devices that are often used in construction and industrial settings. Regardless of the specific type, all latches serve the same basic purpose of securing items in place.

How to use "Latches" in context?

The key to unlocking a door is the latch. It is a mechanical or an electrical device that allows a door to open from the inside. Types of latches include tumblers, spring latches, and deadbolts. Latches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Latch mechanisms range from straightforward to very complex. Most latches have a lever or handle that you can use to open the door. Latches can also be opened electronically using keyless entry systems.

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