What is another word for lockouts?

Pronunciation: [lˈɒka͡ʊts] (IPA)

Lockouts can be a frustrating experience for individuals who are unable to access certain areas or items due to security measures or other reasons. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe this situation. Some common alternatives to "lockouts" include "restricted access," "blocked entry," "barred passage," "denied entry," and "prohibited access." These synonyms help to paint a clearer picture of the situation, offering a more detailed description of why someone may be unable to enter or access a particular location or item. Regardless of what word is used to describe it, experiencing a lockout can be a stressful and inconvenient experience for anyone involved.

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What are the hypernyms for Lockouts?

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  • Other hypernyms:

    job action, LABOR DISPUTE, industrial unrest, economic press, wage strike.

What are the opposite words for lockouts?

Lockouts can be described as the act of temporarily shutting down a place of work, business or industry, typically as a result of a dispute between management and employees. However, the antonyms for lockouts are phrases or words that convey the opposite meaning. Examples of antonyms for lockouts could be "open store", "go-ahead", "resume work", "restart operations", "employee reinstatement", and "return to business". These antonyms signify a situation where workers and management come to an agreement or find a solution to a disagreement, thereby resuming operations without further limitations. In summary, antonyms for lockouts signify a state of unity, progress, and mutual achievement between employers and employees.

Usage examples for Lockouts

Strikes are dismal; lockouts are dismal; want of employment, bankruptcy, dear bread, famine, are all dismal things.
"Political economy"
W. Stanley Jevons
Strikes and lockouts would be for the most part a thing of the past, because, if wages were too low, the balance-sheet would prove the fact at the end of the year, and half the surplus would go to the workmen.
"Political economy"
W. Stanley Jevons
Thus, strikes and lockouts are proper only as mere trials, to ascertain whether labour will be forthcoming at a certain rate of wages, or under certain conditions.
"Political economy"
W. Stanley Jevons

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