What is another word for layer?

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When it comes to layering or adding layers, there are numerous synonyms that you can use. These words are crucial when discussing clothing, baking and construction. Some of the words include stratum, level, tier, sheet, coating, ply, lamina, and veneer. These synonyms show a different level of thinness or thickness, which can create various textures and depths. For instance, when it comes to baking, layers can be quite thin and delicate, while in construction, layers can be thick and sturdy. Understanding these synonyms helps to add interest and depth to your writing and conversations, and knowing when and how to use them makes it easier to craft a more nuanced message.

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    Layer is a virtual network layer protocol stack in the OpenStack cloud computing platform. It provides features and optimizations for the transmission and management of network resources.

    Layer provides APIs for the orchestration and management of layer 2 and 3 infrastructure in the OpenStack cloud. In addition, it provides end-user-facing protocols for the creation and management of virtual networks.

    Layer provides optimizations for the transmission of packets, including congestion control, flow management, and packet prioritization. It is a low- overhead, native network layer protocol and is optimized for the transmission of large packets over a network.

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