What is another word for lorry?

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When it comes to referring to a large vehicle that is used for transporting goods, there are numerous synonyms for the word "lorry". In some parts of the world, a lorry may also be known as a "truck", "18-wheeler" or "big rig". In the United States, it is common to call it a "semi-trailer" or "tractor-trailer". Meanwhile, in Australia, they refer to it as a "prime mover" whereas in New Zealand, it is called a "rig". Other synonyms that are commonly used for the word "lorry" include hauler, carrier, transport, mover, or conveyance. Whatever you may call it, there's no denying that these types of vehicles are essential in the world of transportation and commerce.

How to use "Lorry" in context?

A lorry is a large, heavy truck with a capacity of up to 22.2 tonnes. They are used for transporting goods, materials, and people. Lorries aretypically pulled by a tractor, and can travel at high speeds on roadways.

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